What Else Do We Have to Do?



WHAT ELSE DO WE HAVE TO DO IN BUSZCZE ?To have this wonderful   church completely renovated,  plaster needs to be put on the exterior and interior walls, the main altar along with copies of  Icons (pictures) which are currently being painted), benches, confessional   booths,  tabernaculum,  side  altars  (shrines),  frescos,  and furniture; stairs to the choir loft (with all the equipment, benches, organ etc.) tower,  and complete renovation  of rooms on the left  side of  the church.  Also the fence  around  the  church  area  and  presbytery.  At  the  moment  Fr. Reminec is trying to regain possession of the presbytery which is  in utter ruin.

The ultimate cost is  pre-estimated to be over million dollars.  Is this possible?  To collect so much? Yes! With good intentions and material help, even if the smallest.

What do our benefactors get in return?  Heavenly reward, of course. And prayers of parishioners, Holy Masses celebrated for  your intentions.

This project has the complete support of the local archbishop MieczyslawMokrzycki of Archdiocese of Lvov. He used to be a private secretary of St. John Paul II.

Donations in the U.S are  tax deductible and can be made throughPayPal or personal check made to HELP TO UKRAINIAN CHURCH and send to:

3418 E. 18th St.
Oakland, CA 94601

EMAIL ADDRESS:  projectbuszcze@yahoo.com
TELEPHONE:  510-536-0721